MECHANICAL ENGINEERING : Evergreen Branch in Engineering and Technology

Mechanical engineers are employed in various fields such as Automotive, Aerospace, Computer, Chemical, Electrical, Electronic , Industrial, Manufacturing, Mining, Petroleum, Railway, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Textile, Biomedical, Environmental, Nano, Fluid and Solid Mechanics , Thermal Science, Maintenance , Sales and Administration fields. Mechanical engineering is the strong base for engineering and occupies one of the best employment opportunities in industries.

Types of Gear Trains

In gear train, combination of two or gears are used to transmit power. The gear train is classified into following types, Simple gear train Compound gear train Riveted gear train Epicyclic gear train 1.Simple gear train In this type, there is only one gear is mounted on each shaft. 2.Compound

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Gears and Gear Train

Gear is a toothed wheel to transmit power from one shaft to another shaft with exact velocity ratio without slip, power loss. Gear Train: if the the two or more number of gears are used to transmit the power, then the arrangement is called as gear train. Types of Gears:

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Classification of Gears

Gears are broadly classified into three types, Parallel shaft gears Intersecting shaft gears Non parallel non intersecting shaft gears 1.Parallel shaft gears Spur gear Helical gear Rack and pinion 2.Intersecting shaft gears Bevel gear-Straight bevel, Spiral bevel, Hypoid bevel 3.Non parallel non intersecting shaft gears Spiral gear Worm gear  

Heat and Temperature

What is Heat? Heat is the energy transfer without transfer of mass across the boundary of the system because of the temperature difference between the system and surrounding. The heat is transferred across the boundary from system at high temperature to a system at lower temperature. The heat given to

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