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How to get anna university CGPA into percentage conversion certificate

STEP 1 : Write a letter in A4 size paper for the need of  CGPA into percentage conversion certificate. While writing a letter don’t forget to mention your NAME, REGISTRATION NUMBER, DEGREE, BRANCH, COLLEGE etc.. STEP 2 : Take a Demand Draft(DD) for 200 rupees in favour of ” The Controller of Examinations, Anna University, Chennai – 25”. STEP 3 : Write your NAME & REGISTRATION NUMBER on the backside

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Anna University CGPA into Percentage Conversion Formula

Anna University CGPA into Percentage Conversion Formula, As per Anna University, Percentage=CGPA x10 [CGPA multiplied by 10 gives the value of percentage] 660 Total Views 416 Views Today

Why diesel cannot be used in petrol engine?

We know that, petrol is ignited by spark and diesel is ignited by compression ignition, the volatility of the petrol is greater than diesel. The spark plug produces the spark only at some places, not at all the point of air-fuel mixture. If the air-fuel mixture from the carburetor is completely vapourised the fire produced by the spark can penetrate throughout the mixture to burn all the mixture. Hence to

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Why petrol cannot be used in diesel engine?

The fire point of the diesel is greater than petrol and compression ratio of diesel engine is greater than petrol engine. If we use petrol on the diesel engine, since diesel engine has greater compression ratio the air heated during the compression has temperature which is enough to burn the diesel, but here we use petrol, the petrol injected at the end of compression would burn immediately before the power

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Standardization may be defined as adoption (selection) of generally accepted procedures, dimensions, materials, parts, principles, workplace arrangements for designing a product or facility. Standardization helps in reducing the varieties in size of similar components to facilitate assembly at the site to make the components interchangeable between different manufacturers. In prefabrication plant, standardization mainly focuses on making standards in manufacturing processes, materials, fits and tolerance. Standardization makes it is possible to

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Advantages of Modular Coordination

1. Facilitate cooperation between building designer, manufacturer, traders, contracters. 2. Improves freedom in design and permits flexibility. 3. Encourages the possibility of interchanging the components. 4. Simplifies positioning and placing of components 5. Ensures dimensional coordination between component with the rest of the building. 6. It is possible to get maximum economy in the production of components. 7. Reduces the need for making special sizes. 8. Increases the number of

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Modular co-ordination

Modular co-ordination is a concept for co-ordinating dimensions and space for which building, components are positioned. Basic unit of MC is module 1M which is equal to 100mm. MC is internationally accepted by the International Standard of Organization (ISO). The introduction of MC in building facilitate proper planning, design construction and assembly of building components. The principle objective of implementation of MC is to improve productivity, more flexibility in design

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IS Code Specifications

IS 10505-1983 covers the detailed standard specifications, dimensions, sampling procedure and testing methods. It contains 15 sub divisions. They are 1. Scope: It gives the details about the content of the standard. 2.Shape and Size: The prefabricated elements are in the shape of square, round, rectangle, triangle or any other shape. The outer surface of the elements having outward slope is allowed. Hence the maximum inclination 3º is essential. Remove

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Plant layout

The manufacturing cost of a prefabricated element will depend on how well the plant equipments and machineries placed within the site. For the effective plant layout the following principle factors are to considered. Manufacturing cost: By reducing unwanted material and man work it is possible to reduce the manufacturing cost. Process requirements: The machineries and equipments should be planned to the place the position according to the sequence of operations

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Specific requirements for planning and layout of prefabricated plant

Selection of prefabrication plant is mainly based on type of element to be produced, desired output volume, location at which the plant will operate. These are the major factors deciding the type of prefabrication plant. In the planning stage of prefabrication plant the following points are to be considered, Selection of type of plant: Permanent field plant or building site plant may be selected. Location of the plant site: It

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Disadvantages of prefabricated structures

1. Prefabrication plants require huge initial investment for infrastructure development. 2. Transportation of prefabricated structures from factory to construction site is required hence there is additional cost. 3. Large prefabricated structures need heavy cranes for handling and placing the structure in proper position. 4. Group of buildings having the same type of prefabricated elements make confusion. 5. Jobs for local people may be lost, since prefabrication is out sourced. 6.

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Civil engineering requirements

1. Complete the construction within the planned time: By using prefabricated parts they are largely made and assembled and then transported to the construction site. Hence overall construction time is much lesser than the conventional construction process. 2. Cost of the building construction should be less: Prefabricated building members reduce the overall construction cost by mechanization and automation of manufacturing facilities, utilization of skilled labour reduces the factory made prefabricated

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Prefabrication is the process of casting and assembling components of the structure in a factory, it includes the process of making, transporting and installing the complete assemblies or sub assemblies of a structure in the construction site. In the conventional method of construction brick, cement, aggregates, steel are brought to the site. By this material construction of building is carried out. But in prefabricated construction only foundation work is carried

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Scattered light photo elasticity

A narrow beam of polarized light passes through the three dimensional model. The state and intensity of rays having different directions depends on the stress available inside the model. Polarization produced by the scattering of the light coming out from the model is analyzed to know the intensity of stress. 4772 Total Views 415 Views Today

Brittle coatings

It is also called as stress coat method, in this method brittle lacquer is sprayed on the part to be analyzed and dried overnight. Then loaded in a static , dynamic or impact mode. The brittle lacquer will craw perpendicular to the direction of maximum principal stress. As the load increases the craw pattern enlarges. By knowing the stresses in the coating, stress in the specimen can be determined. Stresses

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