The aim is to design and develop a control system based on mechanical controlled automatic clutching is called “AUTOMATIC CLUTCH FOR TWO WHEELER”. The design of the whole vehicle, including the clutch, is continually being improved. The latest technological advances have allowed a computer controlled automatic clutch. The special feature of this clutch is to perform the clutch and declutch operation, clutch handle is no longer needs to be used. We are going to use automatic clutch in YAMAHA RX vehicle. Automatic clutch already used in TVS Jive vehicle it’s operated in a sensor but we will do without sensors. In TVS Jive clutching sensor arrangement can’t be modified but in our project this arrangement can be modified. No repetitive engagement & disengagement of clutch by hand, easily adoptable for all type of two wheelers. As this project is implementing auto clutching for two wheeler with less effort, it is the next level to obtain automatic transmissions for the existing two wheelers.


Automation can be achieved through computer, hydraulics, pneumatics, robotics, ect., of these sources, pneumatics form an attractive medium for low cost automation. Automation plays an important role in automobile. But in our project we are not using for computer, hydraulics, pneumatics, robotics and we using push& pull forces only.

            Now a day all the automobile vehicle is being atomized in order to protect the human being. The automobile vehicle is being atomized for the following reasons,

  1. To achieve high safety,
  2. To reduce man power,
  3. To increase efficiency of the vehicle,
  4. To reduce the work load,
  5. To high responsibility,
  6. To reduce fatigue of workers,
  7. Less maintenance cost.



  1. Repetitive engagement & disengagement of clutch by hand.
  2. It is difficult to run at heavy traffic locations.
  3. Clutch arrangement maintenance cost is high.
  4. They have less vehicle safety in ordinary clutch system.

Problem Methodology:

At present two wheelers people have the disadvantages of changing gears due to clutch mechanism. In order to overcome this difficulty we have designed automatic clutch for changing of gears. We have used an alternate lever in the gear lever, which reduce the use of clutch cable. This makes easy and simple for riding of two wheelers.And our aim is to adopt the same principle for the older vehicles so that all the two wheelers can obtain the automatic transmission through the Auto Clutch. The clutch concept works with the help of the following elements through a circuit.

  1. Clutch & Declutch action at the mechanism control,
  2. An Alt. lever to control the clutching function,
  3. Various levers, one of which is located in the gear lever knob.


To change gear, the driver applies a pressure to the gear lever either by pushing or pulling it, and releases the pressure at the accelerator handle at the same time. These actions cause the clutch to be disengaged (clutch slip) and a new gear to be selected. The end of the gear changing operation is detected when the signal from the engaged gear sensor lies within a range allocated to a given gear. From this moment on the clutch is once more engaged (clutch locked).

No account is taken of pressure applied to the gear lever in the same direction as the last pressure to change gear, and this will not cause the clutch to be disengaged. In addition, the pressure exerted by a driver’s hand left on the gear lever knob inadvertently is not sufficient to earth one of the two switches. These two features prevent the clutch from operating at the incorrect moment.


This operation is carried out in the same manner as changing up, described above (pressure is applied to the gear lever knob, pressure at the accelerator handle is released and the gear lever is moved to the required position). If the driver wishes to increase the gear changing comfort, and is used to increasing the engine speed slightly before selecting a lower gear, this maneuver may be carried out by accelerating when the gear lever is in neutral (double de-clutching). The clutch will slip until the vehicle speed and engine speed are compatible for the gear selected. The driver is warned by the buzzer.


            When the vehicle stops, the clutch disengages to stop the engine from stalling. If the driver takes his hand off the accelerator handle the vehicle is slowed by engine braking until the memorized idle speed plus (___) rpm is reached. From this moment, the clutch begins to slip.








It is the next level to obtain automatic transmissions for the existing two Wheelers. It is the beneficial to the Senior citizens who are feeling hard to drive their two wheeler. In additional to our project the auto clutching can become hand operated.In conclusion remarks of our project work, let us add a few more lines about our impression project work.Thus we have developed a “AUTOMATIC CLUTCH FOR TWO WHEELER” to know how to achieve low cost automation application. The application of this project product cause excellent operation. By using more techniques, they can be modified and developed according to the application.


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