How to prepare for GATE exam

The way of preparing for the GATE exam contributes the major part of success in obtaining marks. This article is focused on GATE exam specially for Mechanical Engineering ( Highest competitive paper in the history). First of all you should know that, obtaining 55+ marks in the GATE can be useful if you are writing the exam for getting job usually it depends AIR (All India Rank), less than 55 marks may be useful (not sure) for getting job. For getting seats in top IITs and NITs you should get 60+ marks in case of mechanical engineering.

If you just want to study in any institute with scholarship, just clear the exam, you can avail the scholarship. Usually the candidates are considered as qualified if they have scored approximately more than 28+ marks(varies year by year according to your community, stream, number of candidates appeared etc.) At least 10 PSUs are recruiting candidates through GATE Marks, even if you get more than 60+ marks you should have good AIR.

Whatever may be your goal either getting job through GATE or seat in IITs, NITs, but to achieve your goal you should have good AIR. One think you should remember, HARD WORK alone won’t help you to achieve your target, the HARD WORK should be done according to STRATEGY.


Steps in achieving success in GATE.


As we already discussed above target whether getting job through GATE or getting seat in top IITs/NITs or getting seat in any institute for higher studies.


Don’t schedule the preparation based on your target, As you already decided to write the exam schedule the works you have to do in FOUR months prior to the date of examination, and in between these four months do hard work based on your target. If you are a final year student plan the works you have to do in FIVE months prior to the date of examination, since as a final year student you may be will have project works, academic exams.

Do i need to go for any coaching class to achieve my target?

Absolutely coaching classes are not required at all even whatever may be your target, The coaching institutes are doing perfect business with your target, but if you wish you may go if you are wealth by money.


After applying for the exam through online, start preparing sincerely as you will have more 4-5 months before the date of examination. Sincere hard work means doing the work everyday that you have planned. Study every 8-10 hours if you are not a final year student, otherwise try to study at least 6-8 hours/day, without understanding you cannot crack the GATE easily, try to understand the concepts, if you cannot able to understand search on the internet, you always have ultimate sources on the internet than coaching classes.


As per our understanding strategy is nothing but, plan what to attend, how many questions to attend based on your target, time consumption for each question based on its mark. Don’t attend General Aptitude questions first, because there is no standard procedure to find answers for aptitude questions as one aptitude question can be solved by many ways. If you have done any silly mistake in aptitude question means it can consume more time to interrupt your mind. But you can easily score 8-10 marks in aptitude.First attend two mark technical questions, then go for one mark technical question, finally attend aptitude questions. Plan the time according to its marks.


Sleep at least 6 hours on the last night before the date of examination. Don’t study any thing on the date of examination, simply go to the examination center with the essentials mentioned in admit card, and things required for the exam. Relax your mind by having fun with your test mates before the entering into the exam hall since you have to perform well within 3 hours. Apply your understandings and strategy very well.


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