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Lean manufacturing is a systematic approach to identify and eliminate waste (non value-added activities) through continuous improvement by flowing the product at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection. Lean systems are highly flexible to customer requirements. Lean is all about doing more with less.It involves never ending efforts to eliminate or reduce muda (waste) in design, manufacturing, distribution and customer service process.

In this project, an attempt is made to investigate the current processes and scope of implementing lean manufacturing concepts in a polymer manufacturing industry located at Erode. Initially, visit to shop floor was made to study the various processes in the polymer manufacturing value chain. Value stream mapping (VSM) one of the lean tools is used to map the value stream of polymer manufacturing processes.

The different forms of value added and non-value added activities, and cycle times of process are identified in roll printing machine by using VSM. The scope of eliminating different forms of wastes using suitable lean tools such as SMED, 5S, POKA YOKE, KAIZEN etc. are studied.

In roll printing machine, it is required to change the set-ups due to variety of product changes. The set-up changes affect the productivity and results in non-value added activity. In order to bring the roll change to single minute, the “vacuum system” for paint spraying and “zero setting adjustment” for stereo pasting techniques are used  which decrease non value added time and increase productivity to bring the SMED technique effectively.


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