Difference between Sedan and Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Some car manufacturers follow their own classification, they are classifying their cars for some marketing purpose, but usually these are the general difference between sedan and sports utility vehicle (SUV).

Number of Boxes Two or Three Two
Pillars Three Four
Purpose On Road On/Off Road
Cargo Compartment Usually Separate, Shared with passenger compartment in some sedans Shared with passenger compartment
Types Notchback, Hatchback, Fastback, Hardtop Mini, Compact, Mid-size, Full size, Extended.

Example :


SUV -> Renault’s Duster


Sedan -> Renault’s Fluence

In Duster(SUV) there are only two compartments or boxes, Box 1 is for engine and its accessories, Box 2 is for passenger. Here there is no separate compartment for cargo as cargo compartment is shared with passenger compartment.
In Fluence(Sedan) there are three compartments or boxes. Box 1 is for engine and its accessories, Box 2 is for passenger, Box 3 is for cargo.

Image Source Renault India


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