Disuniting of Prefabricates

For the successful recovery and reuse of components and materials form the existing building, there are many technical barriers. Design for the disassembly guides the designer to improve the successful recovery. Hence manufacturers are only responsible for recycling, reuse of their products. Manufacturers, researchers have developed guidelines to help the designers for designing the components to disassemble the components. By designing for disassembly, it will be very convenient to recover useful components and materials from the buildings. Disuniting of components promotes recycling, reprocessing, reuse of parts. Materials and components of building can be recycled or reused with proper deconstruction strategy. The technical outcomes of deconstruction process are,

  1. Reuse of whole building
  2. In the production of new building, components, materials.

Principles, common approaches, guidelines used for increasing the possibilities of recycling and reuse of components and materials are as follows,

  1. By giving priority to recyclable, reusable materials in constructions. Most important factor for disuniting is selecting the materials those are easy to reusable and recyclable.
  2. Minimizing different type of materials, by minimizing the number of different materials, process of segregating is simplified and reduces the transport cost.
  3. By avoiding toxic and hazardous materials reduces the health risks during disassembly procedure.
  4. Avoiding composite materials. If the material is contaminated by small amount of foreign material it reduces the possibility of reusing and recycling because of difficulty in separation.


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