It is recommended to read DESIGN OF MULTI-SPINDLE DRILL HEAD WITH DIFFERENT PITCH HOLES before reading this article.


The whole setup consists of the following parts

Top plate 1
Top plate 2
Gear assembly ( 1 main gear and 4 secondary gears)
Adjustable Transmission Systems (ATS)
Bottom plate 1
Slots – 4
Body for the 4 slots
Drill chucks
Drill tools
Bottom plate 2

The shank is placed above the top plate 1 and is connected to the main gear. A bearing 6204 Z connects the main gear and the shank. The secondary gears are connected to the top plate 1 and the Adjustable Transmission Systems using bearings 6203 Z. the gear arrangement is placed between the top plates. The secondary gears are connected to the ATS using shafts of diameter 16 mm.
The ATS, which is the most important transmission tool used, consists of an adjustable torsional shafts fitted with universal joints at both the ends. 4 such ATS are used for each secondary gear. The lower end of each ATS is
connected to a body with the help of 6202 Z bearings. The body are placed in the slots provided in the bottom plates 1.
The bottom plate 1 has 4 main slots in which the body can move with additional slots at each side of the main slot. The secondary slots are used to adjust the body. The body are provided with nut and bolt arrangement. The drill chuck in the main slot can only be moved when the bolt and nut in the secondary slots are adjusted. The bottom plate also has markings for various PCD’s. The top plate 2 and the bottom plate 1 are held together using studs and nuts.
A shaft of diameter 12 mm is connected through the body on which the drill chucks are placed. The drill chuck is of M10 gate and the range of drill tool diameter is from 1.5 mm to 10 mm.
The bottom plate 2 is connected to the bed of the drilling machine and it is used to support the spindle head as well as absorb the vibrations.


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