Reply To: Difference between centrifugal and hot chamber die casting


Centrifugal casting:

In centrifugal casting, the mould is made up of metal (permanent mould) and its shape is mostly cylindrical or elliptical or semi elliptical inside which the molten metal is injected or poured. When this permanent mould is rotated about its axis, molten metal is thrown towards the wall surface of the mould. So the molten metal sticks to the mould wall surface and gains the shape of the mould wall.

Hot chamber die casting:

In this casting, the mould is also called as die made up of metal having necessary gating system and shape. The molten metal is first made to fill the hot chamber(a cylindrical chamber in which molten metal is filled), then the molten metal is forced into the mould cavity by using plunger which forces the metal flow from hot chamber to mould cavity through flow passage. Here the application of high pressure is achieved for better flow of metal and filling of metal cavity.



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