Why petrol cannot be used in diesel engine?

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    The fire point of the diesel is greater than petrol and compression ratio of diesel engine is greater than petrol engine. If we use petrol on the diesel engine, since diesel engine has greater compression ratio the air heated during the compression has temperature which is enough to burn the diesel, but here we use petrol, the petrol injected at the end of compression would burn immediately before the power stroke gets started unlike diesel to burn completely during power stroke. This due to excessive burning temperature of air for petrol, but for diesel it will be normal burning temperature. Hence piston can start to move to BDC before reaching the TDC during the compression stroke, this would reverse the engine and may cause engine vibration and noise. This is the reason for Why petrol cannot be used in diesel engine?.

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    the self ignition temperature of petrol is greater than diesel..
    In diesel engine the air is so compressed that it has the temperature of self ignition temperature of diesel .sowhen the fuel(diesel) is injected , it burns…
    On the other hand if petrol is to be used it is to be compressed to a large extent even far greater than in case of normal diesel engine…such a high compression ratio is not desirable (though compression ratio is necessary to increase efficiency…it is to be limited to a certain value otherwise it may damage engine parts)

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    Petrol or gasoline engine work on Otto Cycle, it is a thermodynamic cycle which shows the different processes in one cycle of the engine and the Diesel engine works on Diesel Cycle. The main difference in these two cycle is the way the fuel is ignited or burned.

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    Diesel Engines use pressure start innovation to smolder fuel. That implies the fuel is compacted till it blazes. That requires a specific sort of fuel, which doesn’t smolder sporadically when subjected to pressure. Petrol does not fall in this class. Thus it isn’t utilized as a part of diesel motors.

    That being said, Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) motors can blaze petrol.

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