How to do final year projects

Step1: Area of project

First of all you have to choose the area of project,for example Design/Manufacturing/Management etc.

Step2: Title/Topic of  project

The title of the project is very important it should be innovative/impressive and should express your ideas.

Step3: Literature survey

Refer the various journals and magazines to know “what is the current trend in your area of project”,so that you can get some ideas/questions which is to be solved by you through your project.

Step4: Problem Definition

In this step,you have to identify a problem which is lead to deficiency/not comfortable in the particular area.

Step5: Objective

Once the problem is identified,then problem solving is going to be an objective of your project.

Step6: Methodology

In this step,you have to analyze “in what way you are going to solve the problem”which is lead to efficiency/comfortable for that particular area.

Step7: Conclusion

The conclusion is a  result of your project it should express the project as a worthwhile to that particular area which is already selected.


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