How to open higher version catia file in lower version of catia

Some times you may want to open higher version catia file in lower version of catia, e.g. opening a catia file in CATIA V5 R19 which is created in CATIA V5 R18. Just follow the below steps to proceed.


Go to Tools -> Utility in catia menu to open the “Batch Monitor” window.

catia batch monitor



Double click on “Downward Compatibility” to open Downward Compatibility window. In Downward Compatibility, select the operation as “Convert” and also choose to which version you want to convert

Under “Document Selection” click on the directory icon to open the “File Selection” window.

catia batch monitor1STEP 3:

Under “Input Options” click on “Member” if you want to covert only specific file which will be selected by you , if you choose “All“, then you can covert all files under the folder which will be selected by you. And also if you wish use other options available in “File Selection” window according to your requirement.

You may choose target directory in which the output file will be located. Then click “OK” after choosing the file.

catia batch monitor2


The “Downward Compatibility” option can be used only if you have proper license setup. Hence set up the license by clicking on “License Setup” if you not have configured yet. Then click on “Run” to execute the operation.

catia batch monitor3


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