How to prepare for GATE exam

The way of preparing for the GATE exam contributes the major part of success in obtaining marks. This article is focused on GATE exam specially for Mechanical Engineering ( Highest competitive paper in the history). First of all you should know that, obtaining 55+ marks in the GATE can be useful if you are writing the exam for getting job usually it depends AIR (All India Rank), less than 55 marks may be useful (not sure) for getting job. For getting seats in top IITs and NITs you should get 60+ marks in case of mechanical engineering.

If you just want to study in any institute with scholarship, just clear the exam, you can avail the scholarship. Usually the candidates are considered as qualified if they have scored approximately more than 28+ marks(varies year by year according to your community, stream, number of candidates appeared etc.) At least 10 PSUs are recruiting candidates through GATE Marks, even if you get more than 60+ marks you should have good AIR.

Whatever may be your goal either getting job through GATE or seat in IITs, NITs, but to achieve your goal you should have good AIR. One think you should remember, HARD WORK alone won’t help you to achieve your target, the HARD WORK should be done according to STRATEGY.



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