Machine Design MCQ – Objective Questions & Answers

1. An axial residual compressive stress due to a manufacturing process is present on the outer surface of a rotating shaft subjected to bending. Under a given bending load, the fatigue life of the shaft in the presence of the residual compressive stress
A) Decreased
B) Increased or decreased depending on the external bending load
C) Neither decreased nor increased
D) Increased
Ans: D

2. For ductile material, toughness is a measure of
A) Resistance to scratching
B) Ability to absorb energy up to fracture
C) Ability to absorb energy till elastic limit
D) Resistance to indentation
Ans: B

3. Rivets undergo single shear in
A) Lap joint and single-cover butt joint
B) Single-cover butt joint and double-cover butt joint
C) Lap joint and double-cover butt joint
D) Lap joint only
Ans: A

4. In a particular application, the shaft is subjected to bending loads and also large axial loads. The bearing suitable for supporting such a shaft
A) Thrust bearing
B) Tapered roller bearing
C) Ball bearing
D) Spherical bearing
Ans: B

5. When a shaft rotates in anticlockwise direction at high speed in a bearing, it will
A) Move towards right of the bearing making no metal to metal contact
B) Have contact at the lowest point of the bearing
C) Move towards left of the bearing making metal to metal contact
D) Move towards left of the bearing making no metal to metal contact
Ans: A


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