Manufacturing Basics

Cope in casting mouldUpper Portion(Upper moulding flask)
Drag in casting mouldLower Portion(Lower moulding flask)
Cheek in three piece mouldingIntermediate portion
Skim BobUsed to filter impurities
SprueThe passage through which the molten metal from pouring basin reaches runner
RunnerThe passage through which the molten metal reaches mould cavity
GateThe opening which permits the molten metal from runner to enter into mould cavity
Green sandSand which is having moisture content
PatternReplica of the component to be made
CoreUsed to produce internal features
ChapletUsed to support core
ChillUsed to increase the cooling rate
RiserUsed to store molten metal for serving later on volume shrinkage and to identify whether mould is filled or not
Orthogonal Cutting2D cutting
Oblique Cutting3D Cutting
Examples of multipoint cutting toolDrill bit, Milling cutter, Grinding wheel
Continuous chipDuctile materials produce during machining
Discontinuous chipBrittle materials produce during machining such as Cast iron
BrazingThe filler material is copper
SolderingThe filler material is lead-tin alloy
Back rake angleUsed to control chip flow direction, resultant force direction, protect the tool point, to influence cutting forces
Rake angle is largeContinuous chips are produced
Rake angle is smallDiscontinuous chips are produced


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