Manufacturing Engineering Questions & Answers

The questions cover following areas of Manufacturing Engineering

  • Machining Operations
  • Metal Casting
  • Engineering Materials
  • Forming Operations
  • Joining Operations
  • Metrology and Inspection
  • Computer Aided/Integrated Manufacturing

1.Which portion of the casting mould is called as “Cope”?

Upper Portion(Upper moulding flask)

2.Which portion of the casting mould is called as “Drag”?

 Lower Portion(Lower moulding flask)

3.Which portion of the casting mould is called as “Cheek” in three piece moulding?

Intermediate portion

4.What is the purpose of Skim Bob in casting?

To filter impurities

5. The passage through which the molten metal from pouring basin reaches runner is known as?


6.The passage through which the molten metal reaches mould cavity is known as?


7.The opening which permits the molten metal from runner to enter into mould cavity is known as?


8.Green sand is the sand which is

Having moisture content

9.Pattern is the replica of

Component to be made

10.What is the purpose of “Core” in metal casting?

To produce internal features


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