Mechanical Engineering Important Values

Specific heat of air at constant volume718 J / kg-K
Specific heat of air at constant pressure1005 J / kg-K
Specific heat of water4187 J / kg-K
Specific heat ratio or adiabatic index of air1.4
Latent heat of water2257 kJ / kg
Gas constant of air287 J / kg-K
Universal gas constant8314 J / kg-K
Adiabatic index of monoatomic gases1.66
Adiabatic index of diatomic gases1.4
Adiabatic index of triatomic gases1.33
Molecular mass of air28.97 g / mol
Velocity of sound in air343 m / s
Velocity of light in vacuum3 x 108 m / s
Avagadro’s number6.023 x 1023
Stefan–Boltzmann constant5.67 x 10-8 W / m2 K4
Prandtl number of air≈ 0.7
Prandtl number of water≈ 7
Critical point pressure of water220.8 bar
Critical point temperature of water374.14 oC
Triple point pressure of water611.54 N /m2
Triple point temperature of water273.16 K
Standard Temperature Pressure (STP)15 oC , 760 mm of Hg


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