Methods and Instruments of Strain Measurement

Experimental methods used to measure strain:

  1. Strain gauges
  • Mechanical strain gauges
  • Optical strain gauges
  • Electric strain gauges
  • Interferometric strain gauges
  • Acoustical strain gauges
  • Pneumatic strain gauges
  • Scratch strain gauges
  1. Strain rosettes
  2. Strain gauge circuits and transducers
  3. Semiconductor strain gauges
  4. Two dimensional photo elasticity
  5. Three dimensional photo elasticity
  6. Photo elastic coatings
  7. Brittle coatings
  8. Scattered light photo elasticity
  9. Grid method
  10. Moire’s fringe method
  11. Similarity and model laws method
  12. Analogous method
  13. Numerical methods
  14. Photo hole elasticity
  15. Photo orthotropic elasticity…etc.

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