Thermodynamics Questions & Answers

11.What is intensive property?

Property which is independent of mass

12.Examples for extensive property

Entropy, Enthalpy, Internal Energy, length etc.

13.Examples for intensive property

Specific volume, specific entropy, specific enthalpy, specific internal energy, temperature, specific heat etc.

14.What is thermodynamic equilibrium?

A system is said to be in thermodynamic equilibrium if it satisfies the conditions of Mechanical equilibrium, Chemical equilibrium, Thermal equilibrium.

15.What is quasi static process?

A process is said to be quasi static when it is carried out in such way that, at every instant the system’s deviation from the thermodynamic equilibrium is very small.

16.In thermal equilibrium 

Temperature remains constant

17.In mechanical equilibrium 

No unbalanced forces between system and its surroundings

18.In chemical equilibrium 

No phase change or chemical reaction

19.What is point function?

If anything which can be represented in graph by means of point in the sense, then it is point function.

20.What is path function?

If anything which cannot be be represented in graph by means of point, but can be represented by means of area means then it is path function.


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