Which job do i have to choose after completing mechanical engineering?

After completing graduation, most of the graduates don’t know what is the next step for successful career. This is the main reason for unemployment, they don’t have clear vision, interest and knowledge about career world. After completing graduation, the first question comes in front of every mechanical engineer is “Which area of mechanical engineering do i need to choose after completing graduation?”.

Just searching jobs simply will not give you the right path. Define your interest clearly and then search for jobs which are related to your interest.

Let we discuss about popular mechanical engineering fields and pros, cons of each field.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING mainly deals with following key areas in terms of career opportunities.

  1. Design
  2. Analysis
  3. Production
  4. Quality
  5. Maintenance
  6. Miscellaneous


Design – The dominating area of mechanical engineering in terms of career opportunities, growth as well as salary. The design world requires more brain power rather than physical work. In design, you will understand the customer expectation to convert that expectation into real product. The major tool of the design area is CAD (Computer Aided Designing).

Even though there are many design opportunities are available, it’s very difficult to get the design job in top and multinational companies as the people living in the mechanical engineering world are more and MNC opportunities are less, so you will have to face heavy competition if you want to get a design job in MNCs.

In case if you have missed to get a design job in MNC’s please don’t get bother, At least try to get design job in small and medium companies. Initially in small and medium companies, the salary will be less only but the experience you gain everyday will move you to the position you dream. After getting two to three years of experience in small/medium companies the MNC opportunities are more since the top companies mostly hires experienced people only.

The work environment also will be good in design and analysis related jobs than other areas specified above. We are not claiming here as design is best job but it is a challenging and growth ready job for every mechanical engineer. The knowledge of machine design, thermodynamics, and theory of machines are very important in design related career. But for design and development related career it is very important to have knowledge of manufacturing engineering.

There are many CAD tools are available today, but only few of those are popular as the learning resources are more for them. Few of those tools are CATIA, SIEMENS NX, PTC CREO, SOLIDWORKS, and AUTODESK INVENTOR etc. If you want to get design career, just learn them and use those tools for your profession. Please read here if you want to know about best and top mechanical engineering CAD software.


ANALYSIS – The area where you will analyze the performance of designed product before it is manufactured. To work in analysis related jobs you should have proper knowledge of analysis as well design. The major tool used for analysis is CAE (Computer Aided Engineering).

Job opportunities for CAE related area are less when compared to design. But as we said above once you got experience from small companies, the opportunities are more. In CAE related career the growth and salary are equal or in some cases more while comparing CAE with CAD. There are many CAE tools are available for simulation and analysis today. ANSYS, ANSA, ABAQUS, HYPERMESH, NASTRAN, COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS etc are few of popular tools.

The knowledge of finite element analysis, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics are very important in analysis related jobs.


Getting production related career in top companies would be a great future for you. As a production engineer, you should have thorough knowledge in Manufacturing Engineering to ensure the quality of manufactured parts.

The work environment may not be good, for example in foundry/ machine tool operations related jobs it’s hard to find good work environment since it’s a nature of work. The opportunities are quit more when compared to CAD/CAE in small and medium scale industries.


There are lots of subdivisions in quality related career. In fact quality checking comes under all CAD, CAE, PRODUCTION, and MAINTENANCE related career. For example if you have designed something using CAD, it will be analyzed by another person for checking quality of design such that you can find quality related jobs in all the industries since whatever the task it should have quality.

The opportunities are more but the growth and salary depends on type of quality you are going to check such as checking quality in produced parts, designed components, materials, dimensions etc.

Knowledge in basic mechanical engineering and knowledge of type of quality checking would be the vital requirement for quality engineers.


Maintenance – From its name, as a maintenance engineer, you should have the knowledge to tackle the maintenance related problems, knowledge of manufacturing machines, mechanisms, tools, thermodynamics etc. But this area is not much popular than other fields as described above.

Opportunities and growth are not predictable in case of maintenance related career as there are more fluctuations in opportunities.


There are so many fields available other than above described fields such as Materials, Supply chain management, Aerospace, Chemical, Electrical, Electronic, Mining, Petroleum, Railway, Environmental and Thermal. These fields are never degraded than other fields described above but the only problem is opportunities are quit less.


It is always advisable to get job in reputed and corporate companies, because there only you can mostly find respect, responsibility and growth but it’s not a easy task. As recommendation plays everywhere and there are lots of consultancies having link with HRs for doing business with job seekers life, even graduates having less knowledge are working in reputed companies at good positions.

Many people can give you free advice but only few of them can give you the confidence, so don’t miss such a people in your life because they are the thrust for you to fly.

Don’t degrade yourself at any cost.

Learn always.

Have a pride as you are the great mechanical engineer.

  1. balajikarunakaran 4 years ago

    In Miscellaneous you said that recommendations plays a main role….
    What’s it mean? can you please explain it.
    Reply me…….

    • Author
      MEW Team 4 years ago

      Hi @balajikarunakaran, Sorry we didn’t wrote about recommendation particularly under the title “Miscellaneous”. It applies to all the fields as said above. Some people who are working in higher position (example : people at HR level) are accepting candidates through recommendation, this reduces the opportunity of talents. In some cases, HR peoples have link with consultancies, they only recruit candidates who came through consultancies for money, candidates are paying money to consultancies and consultancies paying money to HRs. Please note we didn’t mention any particular company here but the things we said above are happening. Don’t pay money in thousands to any consultancy untill you feel you got a job.

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